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Mauritian Products

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La Caze Mama Baoulette de Viande (Meat Dumpling) 24pc - PICK UP ONLY
Ingredients: Beef, Bean Sauce, Sugar, Salt, Ginger, Tapioca Starch  Product of Australia..
Ex Tax: AU$15.90
La Caze Mama Pima Carri Farci (Stuffed Long Pepper)  - PICK UP ONLY
Ingredients:  Chillies 50%, Fish30%, Flour10%, Breadcrumbs 5%, Green Spices 5% Product o..
Ex Tax: AU$5.50
La Caze Mama Samoosa de Poisson (Fish Samoosa) 15 pcs - PICK UP ONLY
Ingredients: Flour, Fish, Porato, Coriander, vegetable Oil Product of Mauritius Best befo..
Ex Tax: AU$9.90
La Caze Mama Choko Dumplingd (Boulettes Chouchou with Shrimps) 24 pcs - PICK UP ONLY
Cooking Instructions (Steamer) : Steam for 12 -15 minutes. In the meantime, prepare a chi..
Ex Tax: AU$13.50
La Caze Mama Dholl Puris - PICK UP ONLY
Pack of 5 pairs Already Cooked - Peel a pair, remove plastic, microwave and enjoy ( 20 sec ea..
Ex Tax: AU$9.90
La Caze Mama Farata 5 pcs - PICK UP ONLY
Ingredients:  Flour, Water, Salt, Butter Product of Mauritius  Production Date:..
Ex Tax: AU$6.50